Pre- marriage, marriage, commitment or living togther for the first time

People planning to live together for the first time

Living together for the first time can be both exciting and daunting. Together with my colleague Jean Miller, we can help you prepare and navigate some of the issues you may face.

These may include how to resolve conflicts, monetary issues and extended family relationships. We can also address puzzles or queries around intimacy and sexuality and how you can become more attuned to each other. Living together takes your relationship to a different dimension. We hope to support you in doing this and provide you with the ongoing skills to manage your relationship as it moves through the early months of living together. We work with people who have known each other for a long time and decide to live together, and those who have had brief relationships which would include arranged marriages.

You will both need to maintain your individuality whilst adjusting to sharing a space with another and have an ability to compromise. Expectations will need to be managed, and personal space made. Having these conversations at an early stage can support the development and health of the relationship as it progresses through the various stages of living together. People can always return for a 'top up' as and when needed.

We offer a one day, 5 hour experience to support you through the first steps of living together. This is offered via zoom and is 2 x 2.5.hours over one day between the hours of 09.30 -17.00. Please contact me for details of fees for this unique service or to discus it further. If, after the initial day, you would like further sessions, these can be booked with either Jean or I as part of our relationship and psychosexual practice.

"Intimacy is knowing who you are and letting someone in on the secret."

Dr David Schnarch

"You can't change anyone else but people do change in relationship to your change."

Jack Canfield

Fees & availability

Please contact me directly for the fee scale for this bespoke service

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You can contact me on 074714 11978 if you would prefer to leave a message/text or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours. My emails are not encrypted so please do not use this form of communication if you are concerned about breaches of privacy that might inadvertently occur. Please copy all parties requesting therapy into your email.

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